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2023 Black Friday Sale is here!

Thanks to our loyal customers for a successful 2023, so in celebration be sure to pick up a GREAT deal on any of our Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, or Drones that we have on offer.

Apollo Ghost

We have the powerful (new model) Apollo Ghost Dual Motor 2000W Electric Scooter which has powerful dual motors to get up any hills, and both front and rear spring suspension for an ultra smooth ride. Front and Rear Disk Brakes, range upto 65km, and speeds upto 65kph makes the Ghost a real performance beast!

The Apollo Ghost is normally $2999, now down to $2399 – that’s a saving of $600! Click see to see the Apollo Ghost

Inokim OX Balance Electric Scooter

We also have the Inokim OX Balance 1000W single high power motor Electric Scooter from one of the pioneers of electric scooters: INOKIM and one of the most popular global brands. 10″ air filled tires, Upto 50km of range, and speeds upto 45kph!

Normally the OX Balance is $2599, but is now down to $1999, saving you $600 also! Click here to learn more about the Inokim OX Balance

JKING Electric Skateboard

There are great savings across our electric Skateboards right now also, you can pick up the JKING Luna High Performance Long Board. The Luna has dual 1000W Motors, Max range of 20km, and top speed of 35kph. It’s made from Canadian Maple so has a little flex to aid in great carving!

The Luna normally sells for $1699 but now is only $1299, a saving of $400! Click here to see the JKING Luna

You will be able to save 10%-50% on All of the Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, and Drones that we have in our store. We have discounts right across our catalogue, so Check it our now!

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