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End of year 2023 Super Electric Scooter Sale!

Get in and get yourself a bargain right now – we have taken literally hundreds of dollars off our big selling models of Electric Scooters and Electric Skateboards.

Our deals have been really popular so far, so if you don’t want to miss out on our leading brands of Electric Scooters and Electric Skateboards then take a look now – as you won’t see these specials last for long! Here is just a taste of some of the deals on offer right now. Our Sale runs up until the 7th of January.

Apollo Light Commuter Electric Scooter

We have the popular Apollo Light commuter scooter with both front and rear suspension down to only $899 (normally $1599). You will not find a good suspension scooter from a big brand like Apollo for this cheap anywhere else! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

JKING Electric Skateboard

We have the JKING Cosmic Fish Tail Electric Skateboard down to $299 (normally $699). This compact electric skateboard is small and light which makes it easy to take on public transport! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

INOKIM OX Balance Electric Scooter

We even have the INOKIM OX Balance 1000W Electric Scooter down to $1399 (normally $2599). The Balance has HUGE Range, and great power making it great for climbing hills! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

As you can see – we have CUT Hundreds of dollars of these super popular models!

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