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New Suspension Mod Upgrade for your Segway G30 Max or Xiaomi M365

Suspension Upgrade Review

One of the biggest issues or complaints that people have after purchasing most commuter scooters on the market in New Zealand – is the lack of suspension system that generally comes as standard with most higher end scooters being sold.

These are really common comments from people and we total hear their concerns!

So we went about to find a solution and after some research found something that we believe will work really well!

My Wrists often hurt!

Whenever I ride over a bumpy footpath my teeth almost shake to bits!

SO, this week we have been out testing a brand new suspension system. This suspension mod upgrade can be retro-fitted to the two of the most popular scooters in New Zealand – the Segway G30 MAX and Xiaomi M365.

This upgraded suspension has both front and rear options, and can also be fitted to accommodate BOTH front and rear wheels.

For a demo scooter, our trained in-house scooter service technicians used the popular G30 MAX and fitted up both front and rear suspension. Having been in place on the MAX for a couple of weeks now, we’ve had ample time to really test it out and give and honest review.

adding a level of smoothness to the ride

The suspension mod works really well and is an awesome upgrade for the standard MAX Scooter. The suspension performs beautifully at both front and rear, adding a level of smoothness to the ride and importantly, it takes away the vibrations on your arms and wrists when driving over rough surfaces.

The MAX is a very popular scooter (for good reason), but no suspension is a real limitation to this model. People love their MAX’s and often it is used every day either as a daily commute, for fun or for getting to the shops. For these people, they are going to love the additional comfort on the ride.

So we are so super excited to announce that Gear Junkie will be carrying the full range of suspension, both for the Segway MAX and also for the Xiaomi M365 models. Please contact us to today at Gear Junkie to find out more or book your scooter in to get the suspension fitted!

Gear Junkie will be carrying the full range of suspension, both for the Segway MAX and also for the Xiaomi M365 models.

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  1. Hi! How much for a front, rear or both suspension upgrade for ninebot g30 max, and how long will it take for installation? Thanks

    1. Hi Ivan, please call us on 09-414 2900 and we can discuss the options.

    1. Hi Les, thank you for your question and our apologies for the delay in response. We were so excited about getting news out about this we are yet to determine pricing but YES, you will be able to order and install the suspension yourself. We’ll let you know as soon as have the details finalised.

    2. Hi John. Is this now available to buy as a kit and do you deliver to Christchurch?

    3. Not currently, our supply has been affected by COVID and we hope to have things back up and running soon…

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