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Apollo Phantom – 52V Hydraulic Brakes

Apollo Phantom

Dual motors, speed up to 61km/h
Range up to 65km
34kg weight, with a maximum load of 136kg
Quadruple spring suspension
Proprietary HEX display

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BrakesStandard, Hydraulic

Apollo Phantom Specification


  • Single motor rated power: 1200W
  • Number of motors: 2
  • Total motor rated power: 2400W
  • Max. instantaneous power: 3200W peak output
  • Top speed: up to 38 MPH (61 KM/H)
  • Riding modes:
    • Gear 1: 15 MPH max. speed (25 KM/H)
    • Gear 2: 25 MPH max. speed (40 KM/H)
    • Gear 3: 38 MPH max. speed (61 KM/H)
  • Max. incline: 25 degrees
  • Applicable terrain: streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails


  • Battery type: 52V 23.4aH battery
  • Nominal battery capacity: 1216 watt hours
  • Maximum battery capacity: 1375 watt hours
  • Estimated range (realistic riding conditions):
    • Conservative power settings: 40 miles (64KM)
    • Maximum power settings: 25 miles (40KM)
  • Cell origin: Dynavolt, a global leader in manufacturing high-performace batteries for motorcycles
  • Power structure: 126 x 18650 (23 400mah) lithium battery units
  • Charger rated power: 58.8V 2A
  • Charger rated input voltage: 110-220V~
  • Battery voltage limit: 58.8V
  • Number of charging ports: 2
  • Charging time: approx. 12 hours (6 hours with fast charger upgrade or two regular chargers)
  • Smart power management: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, double protection from overdischarging, temperature resistance, undervoltage auto-sleep protection
  • Standard power consumption: 2.2kWh per 100km


  • Frame: aerospace grade aluminium
  • Colour: deep black with silver accents
  • Package contents: scooter, charger, toolkit, manual
  • Display: proprietary HEX display with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)
  • Throttle: thumb finger
  • Key lock ignition
  • Tire style: wide hybrid
  • Tire size: 10 inch by 3.25 inch
  • Tire type: pneumatic (air-filled) in the front and rear
  • Weight: 77 LBS (35 KG)
  • Unfolded dimensions: 51 IN (height) x 8.5 IN (width at deck) x 49 IN (length)
  • Max. load: 300 LBS (135 KG)
  • Lights:
    • Handlebar: 1000 lumen headlight
    • Front: dual white LED lights
    • Rear: dual LED turn signals
    • Footrest: LED light with braking wa
  • Brake systems:
    • Front: disc brake
    • Rear: disc brake
    • Motor: electric re-generative braking
  • 160mm brake discs
  • Tire material: inflatable rubber tires
  • Suspension systems:
    • Front: dual spring
    • Rear: dual spring
    • Tires: 10 inch pneumatic (air-filled)
  • Recommended age: 18 to 60 years old
  • Other features:
    • Triple safety folding mechanism – three separate safety mechanisms prevent the scooter from unfolding while riding
    • Key-lock ignition – use a key to power on and off your scooter
    • Bag hook – carry your bag on the hook while riding
    • Single/dual motor button switch – dual motor electric scooters can ride either in single or dual motor depending on the preferences of the rider
    • Adjustable suspension – adjust the hardness of the suspension with a spanner wr


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