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King Song KS S-19 PRO Electric Unicycle: Powerful and Innovative Personal Transportation Device

The King Song KS S-19 PRO Electric Unicycle (EUC) is a high-performance and innovative personal transportation device. With its powerful motor and advanced self-balancing technology, this electric unicycle offers a smooth and exhilarating ride. It features a durable construction and ergonomic design, providing stability and comfort for riders of all skill levels. The KS S-19 PRO EUC boasts a long-lasting battery that allows for an impressive range, making it perfect for daily commuting or adventurous off-road adventures. Equipped with intelligent safety features such as LED lights, a built-in speaker, and a reliable braking system, this electric unicycle ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the King Song KS S-19 PRO Electric Unicycle is the ultimate choice for eco-friendly and convenient transportation.

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KingSong S19 PRO Suspension Electric Unicycle

The KingSong S19 Pro Electric Unicycle is available to pre order right now.  King Song S19 is a high-end sports electric unicycle that looks to provide exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility for riders eager to take on new challenges and explore the great outdoors.

The KS-19 pro has a powerful 3500W motor, a 1776WH battery, and an 18-inch wheel with 3″ wide tyre for exceptional stability and control on smooth and rugged terrain. The S19’s innovative 130mm suspension system provides even more dampening than the S18, allowing for a smoother ride on rocky areas and absorbing shocks for ultimate rider comfort.

KS-S19 Pro Features

  • X-Shaped Suspension linkage
  • 3500W powerful motor offering 160N.m max torque for great acceleration.
  • Audio Experience – enjoy an upgraded 4 speaker configuration and accoustics for improved sound quality
  • Adjustable head lights – 5W * 6 high-powered headlights can be freely adjusted for angle to
  • Modular motherboard
  • Dazzling light effects – the fuselage is surrounded by colourful LED lamp beads to form a galaxy lighting effect.

KingSong S19 Pro Specifications

  • Model: KS-S19 Pro
  • Tyre: 18 x 3 inch
  • Rated Power: 3500W
  • Peak Power: 6500W
  • Max. Mileage: ~150km (based on 20kmph with 60kg rider)
  • Max. Speed: 60kmh
  • Battery: 1776Wh (96 pcs LG50LT 21700)
  • Gradeability: 40°
  • Suspension: DNM RCP 2S 750lb
  • Suspension Travel: 130mm
  • Pedal Size: 277 * 130mm
  • Pedal Height: 130-128mm
  • Port: Charge Port *2, USB-A *1, Type-C *1
  • Speaker: 20W Tweeter Speaker *2 + 15W Bass Speaker *2
  • Adapter: Input AC 100-240 V, Output DC 100.8V * 5A
  • Charging Time: 7-8h
  • Weight: ~32kg
  • Product Size: 540(L) * 320(W) * 790(H)mm



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