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King Song KS16 PRO Electric Unicycle (EUC) – Powerful and Versatile Personal Transportation Device

The King Song KS16 PRO Electric Unicycle (EUC) is a high-performance and versatile personal transportation device. With a powerful motor and a large battery capacity, this EUC offers a smooth and efficient ride for daily commuting or recreational purposes. Its advanced features include built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and LED lights for enhanced visibility and entertainment. The KS16 PRO is equipped with a durable and lightweight frame, making it easy to carry and store. It also has a reliable braking system and adjustable pedal height for added comfort and safety. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the King Song KS16 PRO Electric Unicycle provides an exciting and convenient way to travel.

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KingSong S16 PRO Suspension Electric Unicycle

This summer, Kingsong announced the release of the Kingsong KS S19, an 18-inch wheel with suspension, which is designed to replace the previous Kingsong KS S18 model with suspension. A few weeks later, the brand surprised everyone by launching the Kingsong KS S16 PRO, another wheel with suspension.

The new, compact and elegant Kingsong KS S16 PRO is equipped with a large 32×32 pixel matrix display, similar to its previous models, such as the Kingsong S22 Pro Eagle and Kingsong KS S19 EUC. This display easily and continuously shows information on power, speed and other data.

With its 16×3-inch tire, this wheel is as maneuverable around town for urban commutes as it is trail-capable for off-road adventures. It offers excellent grip thanks to its new 277×130 mm non-slip pedals and suspension with 88 mm of travel for a comfortable ride in a variety of road conditions.

The 3000 W hollow brushless motorization, combined with a 1480 Wh 84 V battery, offers a theoretical range of up to 120 kilometers, with a top speed of 60 km/h. This wheel can also climb inclines of up to 48 degrees, making it a rugged option. It’s also equipped with 4 x 5 W headlights for optimum visibility on night rides.

The Kingsong KS S16 PRO benefits from all the improvements accumulated over the years by the brand, including an improved and intelligent battery management system (BMS), an innovative cooling system, an integrated kickstand and a more robust trolley.

To make this wheel even more appealing, Kingsong has added a few extra features, such as a dual USB charging port (one 20 W Type C and one 15 W Type A), as well as two 10 W tweeter speakers and two 15 W woofers.

Video Introduction

  • S16 PRO Update: upgraded motor 3KW motor (from 2,800W) & high-power Samsung 50S battery cells to achieve a +6 MPH boost, from 31 to 37.3 MPH
  • Motor: 3,000W (6KW peak) C38 high-torque motor
  • Battery Pack: 1,480Wh/84V Samsung high-power 50S battery pack, with SmartBMS
  • Suspension: 750lb shock, with 85mm of travel, using the 5th generation nylon roller system
  • Other features: 2x 15W + 10W tweeter speakers, 148 atmospheric LEDs, large grippy pedals, integrated kickstand, & USB-C charge connector
  • Tire: hybrid tire


Material: ABS+PC
Removable Battery: 1480wh ( Samsung 50S Lithum battery )
Charging time: around 4-5hrs with 5A charger(Standard) Mileage:120km
DC charger: Input: AC 100~240 V, Output: 84V/5A(Standard)
Top speed: 60km/h
Rated Power: 3000W Maximun Power: 5000W
Maximum loading: 120kg
Maximum Gradibility: Around 48°
Size:540mm(H) x230mm(L) X 620mm(W)

App Functionality

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. App

Heads-up Lighting

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Lights Front

Back Lights

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Lights Rear

Dazzling Light Show

Quadraphonic Symphony

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Speakers

750lb Spring Shock System

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Suspension Info, 1

5th Generation Roller Sliders

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Suspension Info, 2

S16 Motor Overview

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Motor Details

Controller Packing & Display

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Controller Details, 1

Controller Features

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Controller Details, 2

Other S16 PRO Additional Features

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph, Brochure. Overview

Technical Specifications

King Song S16 Pro, with Samsung 50S Battery & 60kph. Technical Tech Specs

NEW: Upgraded Samsung High-Power 50S Battery Pack

The most valuable component of any Wheel is its battery pack, the beating pulse of the machine. Over the years it has been found, from painful experience, that pairing a high-powered machine with a battery cell that is not designed for high peak-power applications can result in latent/delayed catastrophic thermal runaway events. To try to minimize this risk, we at eWheels, have insisted the use of high-powered battery cells, particularly on smaller 4 parallel packs, such as the MTen4, A2, T4, S18, Hero, S22, & Master—as the number of parallels increase, the load on each cells decreases accordingly. Until recently, there was the trade-off between power & capacity; now, with the advent of the new Samsung 50S cell, one can have both!

  • Energy Density: 50S has a 20% increase in energy density over the 40T, providing a corresponding increase in range without any weight/bulk penalty.
  • Higher Operating Temperatures: the specifications of the 50S has a vast operating range, from -20 to 80°C/-4 to 176°F vs -20-60°C/-4-140°F with the commonly used 50E/GB cell & as high as 100°C/212°F in Samsung’s test data! This massive margin not only allows the 50S to output up to 3x more power than the 50E, but perhaps more importantly, will greatly improve battery pack safety, there is no conceivable scenario in which these limits will ever be reached, or exceeded.
  • Power Output: the maximum sustained power output on the 50s is 45A vs 15A on the 50E. At pack level, this represents a total potential sustained output of 15,120W, on the S16. From a Rider’s perspective, the main benefit of having this power on-tap is once the pack(s) have been partially depleted, reducing the risk of cut-outs when power is required.
  • Rapid-charging: another benefit of the 50s over the 50E is charging rates, 2.25x higher, 6A vs 2.5A. It should be noted that although the cell supports the higher charging current, there may be other factors that limit maximum charge rate, such as the charge-port, wiring & BMS componets. On the S16, the maximum rate of charge should not exceed 10A.
  • Superior Cycle-life: perhaps the most common misconception of high-power cells is that of reduced cycle-life, but this is fundamentally a misunderstanding of the published datasheet for battery cells. In these publications, Samsung’s data is based on exceedingly high sustained loads of 25A/45A. Other Samsung materials demonstrates that in 10A continuous load scenario, the 50S commands a slight lead over the the 50E for longevity, with >82% capacity retention over 600 cycles.
    It should also be noted that these synthetic tests in no wayrepresent the power demand pattern that is experienced when using your machine, where the average load, on flat terrain, will be closer to 2-3A/cell vs the 10A in the test data—there may be periods where this demand is considerably more than the 10A, which is where the high-power cells really come into their element. In addition, the [50S] 600 cycles were charged at the maximum 6A vs a typical 1.5A with the stock charger, which also has an impact on the pack’s longevity.

In summary, the 50S battery cell is objectively superior in every measurable metric, with only a marginal increase in upfront cost. It is expected that machines fitted with these packs will retain their value better than other battery cells.

Samsung 50S vs 50E Capacity Wh Energy Under a 10A Sustained Load
Samsung 50S vs 50E Lifespan Comparison

S16 PRO Final Assembly & Quality Inspection


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