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Multi-functional lightweight helmet.

  • Warning light and turn signals
  • Phone call, music, voice navigation and walkie-talkie (by LIVALL app)
  • Fall detection and press for SOS Alert (by LIVALL app)

$219.00 incl GST

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livall cycling helmet
livall cycling helmet

Bling Helmet BH60SE

WeightApprox. 280g
ApplicationsScooters, bikes, balance boards, go-karts, etc.

warning lights and indicators

Stylish LED warning lights up to automobile security standard makes you love night riding.

livall cycling helmet

Barrier free communication

One touch phone taking.

Communicate while riding with easy cooperation between teammates.

Enjoy your ride

Music makes a perfect match with riding.

Above-the-ear speakers and sonic wave control design secure your safety while enjoying music.

livall cycling helmet


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