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Zeroflex TREX-3.1K 1 x 3300rms @ 1ohm Mono Amplifier + Free Bass Controller

The Zeroflex TREX-3.1K is a high-performance mono amplifier with 3300rms @ 1ohm output and a free bass controller. Experience crystal clear sound and powerful bass in your car audio system.

Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $484.00. incl GST

The Zeroflex TREX-3.1K is a high-performance mono amplifier that delivers a powerful 3300rms output at 1ohm. This amplifier is designed to provide crystal clear and distortion-free sound, making it perfect for car audio enthusiasts. It features advanced circuitry and a compact design, allowing for easy installation. Additionally, it comes with a free bass controller that allows you to adjust the bass levels according to your preferences. The Zeroflex TREX-3.1K is the ultimate choice for those seeking superior sound quality and enhanced bass performance in their car audio system.

Power output13.4V @ 1% THD
Frequency range20Hz - 20 KHz
Low pass filter80Hz - 20KHz
High pass filter15Hz - 80KHz
Bass boost0 - 12dB
Fuse rating150 A
Working voltage10 - 16 V


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