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Apollo AIR – Ex Demo

Single 250W motor, speed up to 25km/h
Range up to 20km
16kg weight, with a maximum load of 100kg
Rear disk brake
Front suspension
10″ front pneumatic tire and 8.5″ rear tire

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Apollo AIR – Ex Demo

High Quality at Entry-level Prices

A Small Package That Packs A Punch

The Apollo Air is proof that good things come in small packages. By leveraging our expertise in designing high-end electric scooters, we were able to create an entry-level option with unmatched build quality for its price point. With a large rubberized deck, 10-inch pneumatic tires in the front, and shock-dampening suspension, the Air has revolutionized what entry-level scooters can look like, with all-new comfort, stability, and ease of use. Weighing only 16kg (17.5kg for the Pro), the highly portable Apollo Air is perfect for bringing on the bus or train—that is, if you can resist the urge to ride the whole way there. After all, the SUV of entry-level electric scooters was meant for the open road.


Unlike the vast majority of entry-level scooters on the market, we didn’t sacrifice component quality to give you accessible pricing—we’re proudly giving you both. By leveraging our direct-to-consumer supply chain and production scale, we can bring you more for less. That includes aircraft-grade aluminium and single-piece casting, introducing a level of quality that this corner of the market has never seen before. We designed the Air to feel seamless and intuitive, perfect for first-time riders. Every aspect of this scooter—from the wide and solid handlebars to the square profile of the tires—was chosen for its unmatched level of stability and simplicity. So hop on and ride away. Whether its your first or hundredth ride, the Air will elevate your experience to new heights.


Feel the thrill of instant acceleration on the Air. Our base model can reach a top speed of 25 KMH powered by a 250W motor, so you can easily keep up with most cyclists. The Air Pro offers extra performance for more demanding riders, with a top speed of up to 30 KMH powered by a 350W motor. With swift acceleration across the board, both models will meet any new rider’s need for speed.


Packed with 36V 7.6aH and 10.4aH batteries, the Air and Air Pro boast 20 and 29km of range, respectively. Between its solid range, unparalleled portability, and affordable price point, this beauty was made with commuters in mind. It’s unbelievably easy to transition from the roadway to the subway, covering the distances you need on your scooter and enjoying the rest of the ride with your Air folded neatly at your side. Allow the Air to effortlessly fill the gaps in your commute.


The name “Air” is just as much about the feeling of riding this scooter as it is about its portability. Both the Air and Air Pro offer front suspension—a spring system in the standard model and double fork in the Pro—making them two of the most comfortable models in this category. But we didn’t stop there. Both models feature a 10-inch pneumatic tire in the front for added comfort and a large rubberized deck with plenty of room for standing. The combination of premium shock absorption and large, sturdy tires makes the Air one of the most stable scooters we’ve ever had the pleasure of riding.


The Air may be compact, lightweight, and easy to ride, but it’s still built like a tank. With a solid body of aircraft-grade aluminium, it boasts a max load of 100kg to support a wide variety of entry-level riders. Come rain or shine, the Apollo Air is ready for you. This IPX4-rated scooter can withstand more than a few splashes due to its extended back fenders for complete wheel coverage and rubberized deck that offers great grip. Plus, you’ll look stylish regardless of weather thanks to its visually pleasing pattern. And don’t even get us started on its uniquely durable design, able to navigate the potholes and uneven sidewalks of your daily commute with ease. The Air offers a long, solid handlebar for unfaltering stability, a secure, easy-to-use folding mechanism for zero wobbles, and a clean design with no protruding screws or cables to derail your ride.


Safety shouldn’t be contingent upon experience. That’s why the Apollo Air and Air Pro deliver top safety features to every rider, including strong regenerative brakes for easy deceleration and powerful mechanical brakes for a swift stop. You’ll always be able to stop on a dime, whether that’s with the Air’s rear disc brake or Pro’s front drum brake. Additionally, with a front headlight and real tail light, plus two rear reflectors, you’ll be able to see and be seen by those around you, so you can cruise with confidence on the Apollo Air.



As an entry-level rider, you can still enjoy the same bells and whistles that come with state-of-the-art scooters, including a literal bell, already integrated for your heightened safety. The Air’s brightly lit display system lets you easily check your speed, riding mode, and battery level, and even adjust cruise control and other advanced settings. Make use of the convenient folding hook, which doubles as a bag hook, as you transition from bus to scooter to train—and back again.

Max speed (km/h)25
Max incline10
Battery capacity (Ah)7.6
Max range (km)20
Charger rated power42V 1.7A
Charger rated input voltage110-140V~
Charging time (H)4.5
Net weight (kg)16
SuspensionFront single spring
BrakesRear disk, Regen
FrameAircraft grade aluminium
DisplayLED with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)
ThrottleThumb style
Tire size10 inch front, 8.5 inch rear
Apollo Air Apollo Air Pro
Motor 250W 350W
Top speed 25km/h 30km/h
Riding modes Gear 1: 14.5km/h max. speed
Gear 2: 20km/h max. speed
Gear 3: 25km/h max. speed
Gear 1: 14.5km/h max. speed
Gear 2: 2okm/h max. speed
Gear 3: 30km/h max. speed
Max. incline 10 degrees 10 degrees
Battery 36V 7.6aH 36V 10.4aH
Range 20km 29km
Power structure 30 x 18650 (2600mah) lithium battery units 40 x 18650 (2600mah) lithium battery units
Charger rated power 42V 1.7A 42V 2A
Charger rated input voltage 110-140V~ 110-140V~
Battery voltage limit 42V 42V
Charging time approx. 4.5 hours approx. 5.2 hours
Smart power management short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, double protection from over discharging, temperature resistance, under voltage auto-sleep protection
Standard power consumption 1.3KWh per 100km 1.4KWh per 100km
Weight 16kg 17.5kg
Suspension Front Single Spring Front Dual Fork
Brake Rear disc and re-gen Front Drum and re-gen
Frame Aircraft grade aluminium
Colour Black with grey accents
Package contents Scooter, charger, allen key, manual
Display LED with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)
Throttle Thumb style
Tire size Front 10 inch, rear 8.5 inch Front and rear 10 inch


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