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King Song KS16S Electric Unicycle (EUC) – Stylish and Technologically Advanced Personal Transportation Device

The King Song KS16S Electric Unicycle (EUC) is a cutting-edge personal transportation device that combines style, technology, and convenience. With a powerful motor and a sleek design, this electric unicycle allows riders to effortlessly navigate through urban environments. The KS16S features a long-lasting battery. Equipped with advanced safety features like built-in LED lights and a sturdy frame, this electric unicycle offers a smooth and secure ride. The KS16S also boasts a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing riders to enjoy their favorite music while on the go. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city, the King Song KS16S Electric Unicycle is the perfect companion for modern urban living.

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KingSong KS-16S

The KingSong KS16S offers a new 1200W rated motor (max output 3000W) and large capacity 840Wh Sanyo batteries.  This provides the KS-16S with great performance that makes it stand out ahead of many other 16 inch wheels on the market. The KingSong 16S will allow you to cruise at 35kmph and travel up to 60km in range. There is also a second model available with a smaller 680Wh battery.

KS-16S Features

  • 16 x 2.125 inch tyre
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • Customisable LED ambience lights
  • Comfortable and maneuverable ride
  • Lift sensor cutoff to prevent wheel spin when lifting
  • Reversible headlights (change from front to back depending on direction of riding)

KingSong 16S Specifications

  • Max Range: ~60km
  • Battery: 840Wh
  • Motor Power: 1200W
  • Max Payload: 120kg
  • Max Speed Assist: 35km/h
  • Climbing Angle: ~30 degrees
  • Tyre: 16 x 2.125 inch
  • Weight: 17.4kg
  • Charger: DC 67.2V * 2 Amp
  • Charging Time: 7hrs
  • Pedal Height: 120mm

Retractable Trolley Handle

The KingSong 16S has an upgraded magnesium alloy telescopic handle.  This makes it easy to wheel around the 16S when you are indoors or when moving through areas where riding is not possible.

Multicolour LED lights for Ambience

The KS-16S features a ring of programmable multi-color LEDs giving the unit greater visual impact, especially at night.

Comfortable Ride

The KS-16S is equipped with pedals with higher traction/grip, and larger side pads to support a more comfortable ride.

Twilight Sensor

The KingSong KS-16S will automatically turn on the lights for you when it is dark.  The combination of a strong front lamp and rear brake light improve safety for riding at night time.

Bluetooth Speaker System

The KingSong 16S is equipped with 2x stereo speakers providing high fidelity sound.  Connect your phone to the speakers via bluetooth and enjoy listening to your music while you ride.

Mobile App

Manage your KS 16S on your Android or iOS operated device. Each update adds new functions to your KS-16S.

  • View current speed, range, temperature and volume
  • Change operating parameters such as calibration, speed limit settings, upgrade firmware, turn headlights on and off and change the responsiveness for riding.
  • Level Calibration gives the rider the option to set the angle (or pitch) of the pedals.
  • Setting the pedal response sensitivity, adjusts how hard one has to lean to engage the KS-16S motor
  • Electronic Speed limit: there are three audible alarm levels in addition to the tilt-back speed limit.
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