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2021 Review: the New Segway F40 Scooter

Segway F40 Review

Segway have announced the brand new F-Series Electric Commuter Scooters released for 2021. We have been lucky enough to get our hands on the top modelthe Segway F40for a review.

The first thing we noticed about the Segway F40 was the bright new packaging (as you can see in the photo). This makes it really stand-out. Upon opening the box and taking out the new Segway F40 we note the great build quality and excellent finish we have come to expect.

great build quality and excellent finish

The Segway F40 has also introduced a new tubular style of deck, which is different from the previous E Series, and even the Segway G30 range. The new design feels solid and the frame built to last. In the future we may even see many competitors adopt this design – given that it works so well.

The folding mechanism is a really important functional feature and here the Segway F40 does well. Segway has moved the latch inside the scooter (rather than on the front-side, which is what you get with the MAX model). The general concept is still the same. We folded and unfolded the scooter many times during the review – just to see how a) easy it was to do, and b) how solid the whole stem was. Honestly, this system just work! No complaints there.

together make the rider's experience so much better

One of the things we particularly like about these new model Segway Scooters is that they are using 10” pneumatic tires. Firstly the 10” tires are so much better when going over pumps or small pot-holes. Secondly they are air-filled (or pneumatic), meaning there is a natural air cushion. These together make the rider’s experience so much better while riding the F40.

Other stand-out features include the use of the Segway App for your phone (available both for IOS and Android Phones), rear disk brakes (a step-up from drum brakes providing better stopping power), regenerative braking, and a very bright 2.5W headlight – making your trip home in the dark so much more enjoyable. The Segway F40 also comes with a nice bell (with a crisp ring to it) and the colour LCD screen in the centre of the handlebars is bright and easy to read.

As far as performance goes, the Segway F40 delivers really well in this area too. This was clearly evident during our review of the model as we scootered around Auckland’s suburbs! It comes with a 350W front motor and it’s nice to see that the max speed on the Segway F40 is 30 kph. That extra speed certainly helps at times. We found that the 350W motor, combined with a slightly higher top speed, make it much better for climbing hills.

much better for climbing hills

The range of the Segway F40 is supposed to be 40km, but unfortunately for use we didn’t get to test this out properly (as much as we would have loved to). We can say that normally the manufacturers do these range tests with a light rider & on the highest economy mode (ie. optimal riding conditions), so you are more then likely going to get 30+km under normal riding conditions. Having said that, 30km (or more) is still certainly excellent range, better than many other commuter scooters out there from any brand.

Who is the Segway F40 Electric Kickscooter for?

The Segway F40 is designed for people who are likely to use their scooters often, whether for work or fun, or for those that simply want the best all round commuter scooter on the market right now. The high build quality should mean that this scooter will keep going and going.

The Segway F40 Kick Scooter has a really reasonable New Zealand retail price of $1299, which makes it excellent value for money – especially being the latest Segway higher-end commuter model.

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