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Tina reviews the new INOKIM Quick 4

INOKIM Quick 4 Review

by Tina McDowell

The team at Gear Junkie asked me if I would be willing to do a short review of the new INOKIM Quick 4 – I happily agreed to assist.

I was looking around for an electric scooter to commute to and from work on. I live in Devonport but everyday I commute into work in Auckland City. I really wanted a scooter that I could take into work and get me to the office once everything goes back to a bit more normal after the COVID situations settles down.

I really wanted a scooter that I could take into work

So I was looking for a scooter that would cover a couple of very important points for me:

  1. Pretty portable and foldable (given that I have to go in and out of a lift in the city and also on the Ferry).
  2. Something that had a little bit of power and able to manage some degree of hills. I certainly wasn’t interested in a “Power scooter” at all – but at least something that was able to give me some oomph when I needed it.
  3. A scooter that is stylish.
I looked around for about a month with different shops and asked a lot of questions. Unfortunately it has not been easy to actually visit shops to try things out, so have relied mainly on “Internet Surfing” and opinions of friends to assist me.

I wanted to have something with a little bit of spark.

I was first looking at the Xiaomi and Segway Scooters,
and although they looked well made they also lacked what I call style. Really, many of the scooters I see out in the market look quite similar to the Xiaomi ones and I think they all just copy each other, tbh. I wanted to have something with a little bit of spark.

So after looking around further I happened to click on a link to INOKIM’s product on Gear Junkie. Right away I liked the designs, very different and refreshing – especially with the Vibrant colours. After speaking to the guys at Gear Junkie I eventually settled on the INOKIM Quick 4 as the best option for me. It seemed to fit my needs well – not too heavy, easy to use (this is my first ever scooter apart from using the LIME scooters).

The other couple of things that they mentioned – which I liked – was that the larger 10” air-filled tires are really beneficial, especially for driving over small bumps in the road without effecting my steering ability. Also, the Quick 4 scooter has both front and rear suspension – much better for smoothing out my daily ride. If you have every ridden on the sharing scooters in your city with no suspension you will know exactly what I mean – the vibrations go right through the whole scooter into your arms and body. Not very good! So it was music to my ears that the INOKIM Quick 4 did have suspension. I find that the ride on my scooter is really nice and smooth and love it!

I find that the ride on my scooter is really nice and smooth and love it!

The other reason that prompted me to choose the Quick 4 was the 350W Power Output. Anything  under that is a little under-powered I have come to work out now. The Quick 4 can get me moving at 30 kph quite quickly IF I need it. Normally I move along at about 25 kph.

The brakes on the Quick 4 are more than suitable for my needs. One different store tried to tell me that I needed Hydraulic Brakes on my scooter and tried to sell me into a $3K model! Not for me.

In summary, I can say that the INOKIM Quick 4 is really the perfect scooter for me and love just love zipping along on it! The service I received from Gear Junkie was really good. They didn’t mind answering my silly questions & really, this is why I ended up going with them! It gave me confidence that they would assist if I needed it later on.

Happy to recommend an INOKIM Electric Scooter and Gear Junkie to anyone!

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