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JKING Neptune Electric All Terrain Longboard Review by Eric – Affordable and Feature-Packed

Eric has reviewed the new JKING Neptune Electric Skateboard – here are his thoughts!

Hi my name is Eric, I recently bought a Neptune Electric All Terrain Longboard from Gear Junkie.

Before owning the Neptune I have owned an electric short board prior to this, but wanted to upgrade and get into something that I could take on offroad trails, and also on ride around the streets around my house. None of this is possible with my current setup and watching more of the Youtube reviews and information around the All Terrain Longboards I had decided this is where I wanted to go.

However All-terrain longboard are not cheap, most of the brands start at about $2,500 and go up from there. I looked closely at the Evolve brand and others also. The important features for me was a board that I could ride on all different types of surface without having to change wheels. Secondly I wanted to get into a board with external belt driven motors. I had heard that these offered better torque and also it is much easier to change wheels on a board with external motors rather than hub motors. Thirdly I wanted some level of good power, particularly if I was riding off-road or around some of the streets around my house which are a little hilly.

The other thing is that my budget doesn’t stretch to more than $2K on a board.

So when I found the JKING Neptune (which is also called the Saturn btw) with all the features needed and dual 1650W motors, a multi-layer Maple deck (which has some ability to flex and allow for street carving) and at $1699 I was instantly sold. JKING as a brand has been around for a while and have been putting out boards now for some years. It’s good that they keep on putting together new designs each year.

The Neptune has a top speed of 38 kph which is absolutely fine for me, and the large 6″ honeycomb tires are perfect for what I need, they add some agree of suspension which is good.

So I have owned the Neptune now for three months, and I am now very used to the board. To start with the board was heavier and larger than my older short board, but that’s what you get with a longboard – and now that I am used to the Neptune I feel it is perfect for me, and I really enjoy the board. I have tuned the trucks a little and now are really comfortable wit the ride. In the future I might upgrade however for the time being this board does everything that I need. Thanks to the team at Gear Junkie NZ for looking after me!

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