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James Shares Thoughts on the Segway G30 MAX

Segway G30 MAX Review

by James Tanner

I wanted to review the Segway G30 MAX Electric scooter for Gear Junkie. I have had it for a couple of months and am excited to share some thoughts on this machine.

I haven’t really ridden scooters before, apart from the odd LIME in the city, so am really new to it all. But I love the idea of scooting around, wherever I’m going, and simply hopping on and off whenever I want. It just feels a little easier and more convenient than being on a bike. Also, the portability of the electric scooters feels much better than an electric bike… I can easily put it in my little car to transport around. 

I can easily put it in my little car to transport around.

But the thing I really like about the G30 MAX is that it is really tough (despite being so quiet, almost silent, you can hardly hear the motor running!). You can see that it is well made. Yes it is a little heavy – but to me the incredible range makes up for it. I don’t have to worry about going some distance with it as I know it will always get me back.

Having the large tires is also great. They are filled with air and so smooth the ride out making it much more comfortable. There isn’t any suspension, which is probably one little drawback, but the nice sized tires make up for it a little.

It has ok power to get up most hills, which is great.

It has some power to get up most hills, which is great. Yes it does slow down a bit to 10-15 kph if it’s really steep but that’s ok with that speed. Cruising along the footpath I get 25 kph, which I am also fine with as I am not a speed demon.

On the dash it has a colour LCD display which is easy to understand, and also a thumb throttle, which I prefer over some of the finger throttles I have seen.

The MAX really suits me well. It is easy to see why this model is one of the most popular out there. My girlfriend now wants one also so she can join me during the weekend.

We are talking to the guys at Gear Junkie to set her up with something. They have been really good to us so I am happy to go back again for our next scooter.

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  1. Gosh I have had such a bad run getting a scooter( 4 in total) with different setups on all. I have finally landed on the G30 MAX. Hoping this will be my forever scooter.

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